A solar panel in its simple form is an encased group of solar cells, each of which convert sunlight into DC electricity without moving parts, noise pollution, radiation or maintenance. An increasingly popular alternative to traditional utlity power, solar cell technology is well-proven and suprisngly durable in a variety of weather conditions. S.E.V has provided several outdoor venues, such as beaches and golf courses, with this invaluable technology.

The following is an extract from the Global Climate and Energy Project, carried out by Stanford University, of which GE (General Electric) is a main sponsor. Click here for the full report.

" Recent reports from scientists have stressed the need for immediate research in alternative energy sources to avoid an extremely serious energy shortage in the future". "The challenge before the world is to find energy systems that will meet rising demand and at the same time lower greenhouse gas emissions" said Scott Donnelly, Vice President of GE Global Research. "There is no one organization or institution that can meet this challenge alone. It will take unprecedented partnerships, such as GCEP, to discover the technologies that will power the world in the future".