Solar Energy Vending (S.E.V.) was formed in July 2002, after spending the three previous years developing what is now the world's only refridgerated vending machine that is powered by the sun with the use of photovoltaics (Solar Panels). In a world that is becoming ever more aware of the need for energy conservation and the need to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (eg carbon dioxide, methane), S.E.V. has developed a machine that addresses a part of the problem caused by conventional vending machines that can be damaging to the environment as well as using mains electricity.

Today there are companies around the world developing technologically advanced solar electric power products, we have utilised these by using solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity. In addition, we have developed machines that combine solar and wind technologies to the same effect that can be used in the not so sunny parts of the world.

The Solar Energy Vending machine, whilst addressing existing markets, also opens up new markets to off-grid locations and can be utilised almost anywhere, such as presently on golf courses in sunny climates where they dispense cold drinks to grateful players on teeing areas around the course. No more warm water out of the golf bag! They have also been in use on Spain's hot, sunny beaches where re-hydrating the body is not an option for the holiday maker. The S.E:V machine is also able to vend hot drinks and food products. The machine is also prime advertising space in isolated areas.